Querx Tutorials

The tutorials on this page complement the user guides. Here, we will provide step-by-step guidance for using and configuring egnite Smart Sensors for specific applications. If you are missing a specific tutorial: Please drop us a line.


Querx Firmware-Updates
This tutorial explains, how to carry out firmware upgrade - safe and easy.

Troubleshooting with Syslog
If problems occur, you can use Syslog to determine their cause.


Monitoring and Scada

Server-Room monitoring with Querx and Zabbix
This tutorial describes how to use Querx with the free monitoring software Zabbix.

Querx and Nagios 4

Querx  for industrial applications with Modbus and ScadaBR
This tutorial describes how to set up a SCADA environment with Querx and ScadaBR

Monitoring Temperature and Humidity via SNMP

Data access

Exporting and Visualizing Data with Gnuplot
This explains how to use Gnuplot to download Querx sensor data end generate analytical charts automatically.

Accessing Querx via Python
This tutorial provides an programming example for requesting XML sensor data over HTTP with Python.