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Querx TH Data Sheet
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Querx User Guide
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Querx TH EC Declaration of Conformity
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Querx Firmware

Current Version

File version: 3.4.10
Published: 29.01.2018
Language: English / German

The automatic verification of the manual IP configuration, which was introduced in version 3.4, was flawed and has been removed. The error caused the manual configuration to be switched to DHCP after rebooting, if the subnet mask contained byte values other than 255 or 0.

Enhancements and Corrections:
The WiFi connection monitor has been improved, in order to detect connection failures earlier.
The syslog output prompted by automatic reboots has been expanded.

An update from version 3.2 resets Querx to factory settings. Please save your configuration before installing the update.
The update needs to be installed via an Ethernet connection, since the WiFi configuration is also lost.



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ThingSpeak support is planned for a future release.

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