Querx Firmware

This tutorial explains how to update the firmware.

Version Published Language Enhancements and Corrections Downloads
3.4.6 29.08.2017 English / German Enhancements and Corrections:

  • Air pressure sensors are now supported.
  • dweet.io is now supported.
  • Multiple graphs can now be displayed, arranged vertically.
  • The web interface’s layout has been reworked. This affects the graph, including the display of current and recorded values, as well as the admin area.
  • The firmware has been optimized to exploit the hardware more efficiently, which makes the Querx web interface respond to queries more quickly.
  • DHCP communication has been optimized. Amongst other changes, the device will now attempt to establish an IP configuration via DCHP, even if a ZeroConf address has been allocated (if DHCP was not accessible when the device was booted). Additionally, the time it takes Querx to boot under a DHCP configuration has decreased by several seconds.
  • The web interface now exclusively utilizes system fonts. No additional fonts are retrieved from Google any longer.


  • Sporadic sensor errors are reset more reliably and no longer necessarily lead to a reboot.
  • Gaps in the logged data were previously displayed incorrectly. This error has been fixed.
  • When switching from manual to automatic daylight saving time, the active daylight saving time is now displayed without requiring a reboot.
  • It could previously happen that no reboot was performed if several problems that required the device to reboot occurred simultaneously. This issue has been fixed.
  • The logic for the value- and time-axes in the graph has been reworked. Time steps are now displayed correctly, rather than with an offset of one minute as before.
Querx TH 3.4.6

Querx THP 3.4.6

Querx PT 3.4.6

Querx WLAN TH 3.4.6

Querx WLAN THP 3.4.6

Querx WLAN PT 3.4.6

An update from version 3.2 resets Querx to factory settings. Please save your configuration before installing the update.
The update needs to be installed via an Ethernet connection, since the WiFi configuration is also lost.

3.2.16 09.03.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • Due to a bug in the filtering of Querx WLAN PT100 and PT1000, momentary changes may not have appeared in the output, although they had been properly logged.
Querx TH 3.2.16

Querx PT 3.2.16

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.16

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.16

3.2.15 14.10.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • After restart, sporadic sensor failures had been observed on some Querx WLAN TH, which could be resolved only by a short disconnection of the power supply. This error has been fixed.
Querx WLAN TH 3.2.15

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.15

3.2.13 18.08.2016 English / German Changes / new features:

  • Underscores are now accepted in the titles of SNMP communities. The length remains limited to 15 characters.


  • After deleting the history, it could take up to an hour for new data to be displayed in the graph. This bug has been fixed.
  • Humidity values over 100% could be recorded after a previous fix. This issue has been resolved.
Querx TH 3.2.13

Querx PT 3.2.13

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.13

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.13

3.2.11 28.06.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • Querx PT and Querx WLAN PT sensor errors are now reset correctly. Sporadic sensor errors are therefore no longer logged as events.
  • The outliers saved by previous versions of the Querx PT firmware can be removed from the logged data by applying a filter (admin/filter.cgi).
  • The output of mDNS- and LLMNR-messages via Syslog has been deactivated.
Querx TH 3.2.11

Querx PT 3.2.11

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.11

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.11

3.2.10 16.06.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • The Paessler MIB Importer’s sensor table was not recognized due to an error in the SNMP MIB.
  • Sporadic Pt100- or Pt1000-sensor errors were occasionally recognized too late, leading to wrong values being processed.
  • Drop-outs while saving the device’s configuration could cause the settings to get lost. In some cases Querx was no longer reachable due to faulty network settings. Time monitoring while saving the configuration has been updated and the network settings are additionally checked and restored, if necessary.
Querx TH 3.2.10

Querx PT 3.2.10

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.10

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.10

3.2.8 08.06.2016 English / German Changes / new features:

  • Sending emails now supports the older authentication AUTH-LOGIN, in addition to AUTH-PLAIN. Microsoft Exchange servers, in particular, insist on this older procedure.
  • The Ethernet communication of Querx TH and Querx PT has been optimized.
  • The transfer of logged data has been optimized.
  • Errors sporadically occurring on Pt-sensors are ignored. An error must persist for at least ten seconds, in order for it to be registered as a sensor error.


  • The system only attempts to switch to encrypted email transfer if the server supports the STARTTLS service.
  • No EHLO/HELO was sent to the email server if authentication was deactivated. This bug has been fixed.
  • Rare circumstances could lead to the WiFi connection getting jammed. An additional control process notices this problem and reboots the system.
  • Device Discoverer now displays the current IP-address instead of the configured address.
Querx TH 3.2.8

Querx PT 3.2.8

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.8

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.8

3.2.7 13.05.2016 English / German Changes / new features:

  • Gaps in the recorded data are no longer highlighted as noticeably in the graph.
  • The DNS-Server’s IP-address can now be set via DHCP, even if the device’s IP-address is static.


  • Sending emails from Querx TH and Querx PT to certain mail servers failed and resulted in the device rebooting. This issue has been fixed.
  • The last entry was sometimes repeated with a wrong value in the diagram. This bug has been fixed.
  • Resetting the configuration to the factory settings changed the diagram’s colors. This bug has been fixed.
  • Recognizing sensor errors was unreliable on Querx WLAN TH. This issue has been resolved.
  • The diagram’s loading time for Querx TH and Querx PT has been improved.
Querx TH 3.2.7

Querx PT 3.2.7

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.7

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.7

3.2.4 11.05.2016 English / German Changes / new features:

  • The graph can now display the last 7 days, starting on any day of the week.
  • Gaps in the recorded data are displayed more noticeably in the graph.
  • The data logger’s compression can be switched off and is deactivated in the default settings.
  • The diagram can no longer be set to display a bar graph.


  • The device monitors its internal operation more reliably, resulting in more dependable reboots in the case of malfunctions.
Querx TH 3.2.4

Querx PT 3.2.4

Querx WLAN TH 3.2.4

Querx WLAN PT 3.2.4

Version 3.0 is only available for Querx WLAN models.

3.0.5 23.03.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • Under certain circumstances, the diagram on the homepage would only show individual values, displaying the graph incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.
Querx WLAN TH 3.0.5

Querx WLAN PT 3.0.5

3.0.4 8.03.2016 English / German Changes / new features:

  • If WiFi is configured but the connection has failed and no Ethernet link is available, Querx will restart within approximately 5 minutes to react to the new network environment. If Querx WLAN is operated without an Ethernet cable, the WiFi interface needs to be deactivated to prevent the device from rebooting.
  • The internal multitasking memory has been slightly increased to provide sufficient memory reserves.


  • It could previously happen that Querx could no longer react to network queries if the memory was full after the device had run for a longer period and several MDNS-queries had been received in one package. This issue has been resolved.
  • The WiFi communication is more reliable if the signal is bad.
  • The selected update rate for the cloud service is taken into account.
  • IPv6 queries (type AAAA) via LLMNR are answered correctly.
Querx WLAN TH 3.0.4

Querx WLAN PT 3.0.4

3.0.2 15.02.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • Issues with the cloud service updates have been resolved.
Querx WLAN TH 3.0.2

Querx WLAN PT 3.0.2

3.0.1 05.02.2016 English / German Fixes:

  • The firmware provided with Querx WLAN TH caused long delays when responding to queries via Modbus/TCP. This issue has been resolved.
Querx WLAN TH 3.0.1

Querx WLAN PT 3.0.1

3.0.0 25.01.2016 English / German First published version of Querx WLAN firmware.

  • The web interface has been restructured.
  • WiFi connection is now supported in addition to the wired Ethernet connection.
  • The web interface supports encrypted access via HTTPS. A good wireless connection is required for encrypted access to work via WiFi.


  • The displayed timeframe can be set to a week, a month or a year.
  • The displayed range of values can be configured.
  • Gaps in the recorded data are displayed as gaps in the graph.


  • The language can be switched to English or German. Therefore, only one version of the firmware is required for both languages.
  • The date`s format can be changed

Events and email:

  • Additional placeholders make it possible to incorporate a event’s date, time and text into email notifications.
  • The events’ texts can be personalized.

Data logger:

  • The logging rate can be set in intervals of minutes, making it possible to increase the timeframe the logger can track.


  • The refresh rate can be configured in intervals of minutes.
  • A test button makes it possible to check the connection.
Querx WLAN TH 3.0.0

Querx WLAN PT 3.0.0

An update from version 2 to version 3 resets Querx to factory settings. Please save your configuration before installing the update.

2.2.5 17.08.2015 Fixes:

  • The timeout when sending emails has been increased from 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Sending emails without authentication now functions correctly.
Querx TH 2.2.5 [en]

Querx PT 2.2.5 [en]

Querx TH 2.2.5 [de]

Querx PT 2.2.5 [de]

2.2.2 21.04.2015 English / German Fixes:

  • If IGMP-queries were continuously sent in the local network, it could happen that the device was no longer reachable after a few hours, due to a lack of system memory. This issue has been resolved.
  • The correction of negative dew-point limits has now been integrated into the English version.
  • Errors when querying current data were only corrected in the German version. This feature has now been integrated into the English version.
  • The graph was no longer displayed after the humidity sensor’s name was changed in the English version. This bug has been fixed.
Querx TH 2.2.2 [en]

Querx PT 2.2.2 [en]

Querx TH 2.2.2 [de]

Querx PT 2.2.2 [de]

2.2.1 12.04.2015 English / German Changes / new features:

  • The web interface is now also available in German.


  • When exporting data in the JSON-format, a superfluous comma was added after the last entry. This comma has been removed.
  • Beim Datenexport im XML-Format wurde der fehlende Name des Taupunksensors ergänzt.
  • The graph was no longer displayed after changing the sensor’s name. This bug has been fixed.
  • Als Grenzwerte des Taupunkts können nun auch negative Werte eingegeben werden.
  • Entering long email texts unintentionally changed other settings. This bug has been fixed.
  • Emails now include the correct timestamp without requiring a reboot after changing the time zone or daylight saving time settings.
Querx TH 2.2.1 [en]

Querx PT 2.2.1 [en]

Querx TH 2.2.1 [de]

Querx PT 2.2.1 [de] 20.01.2015 English Changes / new features:

  • The current values can now be retrieved in the XML, JSON and CSV formats via HTTP.


  • Blank entries would sometimes be generated, when exporting recorded data. This bug has been fixed.
  • The system is no longer obstructed when displaying the diagram and at every full minute.
  • The DHCP query has been optimized and works more reliably after changing the network.
  • Querx was no longer recognized by Device Discoverer after changing the IP-subnetmask. This bug has been fixed.
  • The unit-ID had to be set to 1, when communicating via Modbus/TCP. As of the current version, any ID is accepted, but the ID 255 is recommended.
Querx TH

Querx PT

An update from version 1 to version 2 resets Querx to factory settings. Please save your configuration before installing the update.

1.3.2 11.09.2014 English Changes / new features:

  • Emails can now be encrypted using StartTLS.
  • SNMPv1 can be used to retrieve data via network management systems.
  • Modbus/TCP can be used to integrate the device into technical processes/SCADA


  • The diagram showed the months from 0 - 11 instead of 1 - 12. This bug has been fixed.
Querx TH 1.3.2