Querx Product Comparison

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PT100 / PT1000
Querx WLAN
Querx WLAN
PT100 / PT1000
Data loggerat least 51 daysat least 51 daysat least 7.5 yearsat least 7.5 years
Graphical depiction of sensor data via Web interface as SVG
Interactive web interface with graphical depiction of sensor data and adjustable export period
Data export as CSV and XML file
Data storage in the cloud. World wide data access for several users with internet enabled devices
Android App Querx Discoverer available
Cloud API for integration into own projects
Read data via SNMP
Read data via Modbus
Read data via HTTP interface
Temperature alerts
Humidity alerts
Dew point alerts
Notification via email and SNMP trap on exceeding thresholds
Notification via email and SNMP trap on values rising or dropping too fast
Notification via email and SNMP trap on return to normal
Secured emails via TLS / StartTLS
Email notifications to up to 4 recipients
2 email servers (SMTP): Fallback if one fails
Remote diagnosis and notification via syslog message
Internal memory for last 16 sensor events with date, time and measured value
Automatic network configuration via mDNS / Bonjour without providing configuration details
Automatic network integration via DHCP
Manual network configuration with network scan of all installed units (Device Discoverer)
for Windows, Linux, OS X and Android
Self-explanatory web interface for easy set up in the local Network
Web interface according to recent web standards (HTML5, CSS3)
Different access restrictions for up to 3 users
Editable text templates for alert notifications
Automatic time-adjustment via SNTP
Firmware updates via web interface
Configuration backup and restore (without passwords)
Configuration of thresholds via Modbus/TCP
Button for configuration resets and activation of alternative firmware versions
Easy wall-mounting
Small dimensions for installations on difficult-to-access locations
Low energy consumption
Voltage supply via MicroUSB over USB port (data centers) or standard adapters
High-quality sensors integrated: oil-repellent, splash-water- and dust-proof
Support for any 2-, 3- and 4-wire Pt100 sensors.
Industry standard, huge amount of sensors for numerous applications available.
Large measuring range from -200°C to 750 °C.
Battery-backed real-time clock. Keeps time even after power breakdown or if NTP server is not available
Status LEDs for alerts, network link and network activity allow visual inspection of the device status.
Extended temperature range for industrial applications
Web interface in English language
Temperatures in Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F) or Kelvin (K)
Time zone, Time and Date configurable
Manual in English language