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Pt100 / Pt1000 WiFi Thermometer and Data Logger

Querx WLAN PT - Support




Querx Firmware

Current Version

File version: 3.2.13
Published: 18.08.16
Language: English / German

Changes and Comments:

Humidity values over 100% could be recorded after a previous fix. This issue has been resolved.

After deleting the history, it could take up to an hour for new data to be displayed in the graph. This bug has been fixed.

Underscores are now accepted in the titles of SNMP communities. The length remains limited to 15 characters.



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Querx Discoverer

Android app that provides access to Querx via local networks or cloud services.


IoT Monitor

IoT Monitor

The IoT Monitor app by Codenice provides access to Querx from an iPhone or iPad via Xively.

ThingSpeak support is planned for a future release.

Device Panel

Querx Device Panel

Device Panel is an application that enables the use of an HDMI monitor as a large display for your egnite Smart Sensor.

The current version is available for Windows or as a Raspberry Pi image.