Querx TH: Monitoring of temperature and humidity in server rooms

Rackmonitoring with Querx TH

Monitoring of temperature and humidity is a vital task to achieve operational safety in server rooms and data centers. A wrong room climate threatens costly equipment by overheating, corrosion and static discharge.

Querx TH supports to approaches to this task:

For small server rooms, you can use Querx TH as stand-alone unit. If thresholds are exceeded, Querx TH sends alarms via email, SNMP-Trap and syslog. Furthermore the measured data can be exported to cloud services like Xively or ThingSpeak and thus be accessed from everywhere. This also allows automated documentation and easy integration into own projects using the provided APIs.

For monitoring several racks e.g. in a data centers, Querx TH supports the Simple Network Management Protocol. With SNMP it is possible to use Querx TH as sensor node and to transmit the measured data to network management software like Nagios or Zabbix.

Rackmonitoring with Querx TH

Rackmonitoring qithQuerx TH

Recommended temperature for server rooms

Fortunately, the time when you had to cool down your server rooms to 20°C are long gone. To reduce engery consumption you can, according to several sources, raise the temperature to up to 27 °C. Google for example runs its data centers at 26.5 C°.

Nevertheless: Further increasing of the temperature is a bad idea, as according to a paper by APC Schneider, the energy saving you could earn hereby would be undone by energy losses in semiconductors by and higher cooling activity.

ASHREA (2011)18-27
BfE Schweiz26 °Chttp://bfe.admin.ch
Dell /APC-Schneider: White Paper 13824–27

Recommended humidity level for server rooms

A low humidity level can cause electrostatic discharges, to high humidity can cause corrosion. Recommended values for IT equipment can usually be found in the manufacturer's documentation. General recommendations are published by ASHRAE.

APC-Schneider: White Paper 5840-55 % rHhttp://whitepapers.apc.com

More information

Thorsten Wack has written a paper on a resource-friendly room climate in “Handbuch Ressourcenorientierte Produktion”.

Wack, Thorsten: "Green IT" in: Neugebauer, Reimund: Handbuch Ressourcenorientierte Produktion. M: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG, 2013. S. 469-492

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