Querx Firmware 2.2

Firmware version 2.2 for Querx TH and Querx PT is now available for download.

Update: A newer version is available, which has a bug in the IGMP module fixed.

New Features:

  • Data export via HTTP interface now supports JSON
  • Dew-point alerts now support negative limits
  • The web interface is available in a German translation

Bug fixes:

  • When changing the name of the humidity sensor, the chart was not shown corretly. This bug was removed.
  • When entering to long email templates, some other configuration settings could be altered. This bug was removed.
  • The XML export didn’t recognize the name of the dew point probe. This bug was removed.
  • After changing the time zone or after DST time changeovers the email system took the new time only after a reboot. This bug was removed.


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