New firmware release for Querx TH

During the development process of the network thermometer Querx PT100, we also revised firmware and web interface for Querx TH. This blog entry provides a rough overview of the new features.

New web interface for Querx TH


Data visualization and export

The interface for visualizing and exporting measured data has undergone some significant changes.


  1. Display of average value in time interval
  2. Display of minimal and maximal values in time interval
  3. Display of thresholds and dead-bands
  4. Display range adjustable over complete measuring period
  5. Export of measured data as XML and CSV

Dew point calculation and further alarm types

Querx TH now calculated the current dew point. Also the alarm types were extended. The network thermometer now supports:

  • Exceeding upper and lower limits for humidity, temperature and dew point
  • Temperature or humidity rising or falling too fast.

Simplified network configuration

Over mDNS, Querx TH is can be accessed with its host name or over the Bonjour menu in you Safari web browser. The configuration utility Device Discoverer is no longer needed in most cases.

Querx TH: simplified network configuration

As soon as you have connected Querx TH to your network, it can be accessed over its hostname. The default host name at shipping time is querx000000. The last six characters have to be replaced by the last six characters of the MAC address.

Configuration backup and restore

Querx TH now supports backing up and restoring of its configuration.

Further interfaces

Some more interfaces were added. Querx TH now supports:

  • SNMP (not only traps)
  • Modbus/TCP
  • Xively (Internet-of-Things cloud)
  • Thing-Speak (Internet-of-Things cloud)

Soon available

Right now, we are still testing the new firmware. As soon, as we have finished testing, we will provide the image in the download area.

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