Querx Tutorials

These tutorials complement the Querx manuals. They offer step by step instructions on how to use and configure Querx in certain situations. We welcome any feedback and take any suggestions into consideration.

Querx Firmware-Update

Update your Querx sensors’ firmware easily and safely.

Troubleshooting with Syslog

Should Querx not function as expected, the Device Discoverer’s Syslog function can assist you while troubleshooting.

Querx and Nagios 4

How to integrate a Querx temperature sensor into a Nagios plugin.

Querx and Zabbix

How to create a Zabbix template for Querx TH.

Querx and ScadaBR

How to monitor Querx TH with ScadaBR via Modbus/TCP.

Querx and Icinga2

How to monitor server rooms with various Querx network sensors.

Querx and PRTG

How to monitor temperature and humidity via SNMP with Querx WLAN TH.

Querx and dweet.io

Sending measured data to dweet.io and visualize it with freeboard.

Cloud Support

Transmitting data to cloud services.

Querx and ThingSpeak

Sending measured data to ThingSpeak.

Data Analysis
Accessing Querx data with Python

An example script in the coding language Python returns the current temperature values.

Creating graphs with Gnuplot

The free software Gnuplot automatically downloads the data gathered by Querx sensors and visualizes it in graphs.