DAkkS Calibration of Querx Sensors

In a nutshell

Calibrating the Querx sensors ensures their functionality and precision. In the calibration process, measurements taken by the sensor are compared to measurements taken by a calibration device / normal. The divergence between the results is documented in the calibration certificate.

The sensor is not adjusted in the process of calibration - its accuracy is merely checked.

Your requirements of the sensor and its operational conditions determine whether you need a DAkkS certificate. DAkkS calibration is recommended whenever a sensor is applied in a process that is relevant to quality management. DAkkS certificates are internationally recognized.

The DAkkS certificate does not specify recalibration deadlines. The user decides when a device needs to be recalibrated, since the intervals are determined by the strain the sensor is put under, as well as the tolerance that is permitted within the frame of quality management. We recommend recalibrating the sensor after a year of use in regular conditions.

Calibration can be handled by egnite or any other calibration laboratory closer to your location.

Ordering DAkkS calibration certificates

egnite offers the following services in cooperation with a calibration laboratory accredited according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard: Calibration points specified by customer, issue of DAkkS certificate, labeling device with calibration marks.

Querx sensors are optionally available with calibration certificates.

DAkkS calibration certificates can be ordered together with Querx devices and sensors that are already in use can be sent back to us for calibration.

The Querx PT models are made up of two components - the measuring device and an external sensor. Both components contribute to deviations in the measurements and should therefore be calibrated together.

The Querx TH and THP models feature integrated sensors that measure temperature, humidity and air pressure data. However, it is also possible to only calibrate the temperature sensor.

Standard calibrations
Calibration pointsPrice (plus VAT and shipping)Order number
DAkkS temperature
calibration certificate
1 calibration point,
25.0 °C
150,00 Euro netEGN610517
DAkkS temperature
calibration certificate
1 calibration point,
-10.0 °C
150,00 Euro netEGN610617
DAkkS temperature
calibration certificate
2 calibration points,
-10.0 °C and 25.0 °C
225,00 Euro netEGN610717
DAkkS humidity
calibration certificate
2 calibration points,
33 % RH and 75 % RH
225,00 Euro netEGN652017
User defined calibration points

If you require different calibration points from those specified above, we will gladly prepare a quote. Please let us know which parameters you want to calibrate, as well as the number of calibration points and their values.