Firmware 3.0.4 for Querx WLAN

For Querx WLAN a new firmware update can be downloaded.

Fixed bugs:

  • Several MDNS requests were received in a single packet, occasionally led to high memory usage and in the case Querx denied network request. This bug was fixed.
  • WLAN communication is working more robust at a lower signal strength.
  • Cloud actualization was fixed
  • IPv6 requests (type AAAA) over LLMNR are now being answered correctly.


  • If WLAN is enabled, but the connection is lost, Querx WLAN will conduct a restart after 5 minutes if there is no active Ethernet connection the respond to changed network environments.
  • If Querx is used as a data logger without Ethernet cable, it is necessary to disable WLAN to avoid the restart.
  • The internal memory for multitasking was slightly enlarged to provide a sufficient safety buffer.

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