Zabbix tutorial: Monitoring temperature and humidity with Querx TH

Part 1: Introduction and template Installation

In the Zabbix Community Wiki you can find a template, which makes it easy to integrate Querx TH into the network managing system Zabbix. It defines items for temperature and humidity, a chart that combines both values, as well as following triggers:

  • host not available
  • temperature too high
  • temperature too low
  • humidity too high
  • humidity too low

The predefined thresholds are set according the recommendations discussed in this blog entry and can be adjusted for your specific use case. There are several possibilities to trigger alerts. In this tutorial we use the triggers provided by Zabbix.

Table of contents

This tutorial consists of three parts:
1: Installation of the Zabbix template for Querx TH
2: Setting up hosts and adjusting items
3: Setting up a test alert and adjusting the triggers

Installation of the Zabbix template for Querx TH


Download the Zabbix template for Querx TH from the Zabbix Communiti Wiki. Open Zabbix as administrator and choose Configuration (1) / Templates (2) from the menu.


To import the downloaded template, first click on Import in the upper right corner.


Select the downloaded template at Choose File and click on Import afterward.

If no unexpected problems occur, Zabbix will confirm the successful import.

In the next part, we discuss how to set up a host for Querx and how to adjust the items

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