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Querx WLAN Sensors Listed Among the Technical Innovations of 2016 by tk-report minus 18

In its first issue of 2017, the German refrigeration magazine tk-report minus 18 lists the technical innovations of 2016 and highlights useful applications for industrial users of refrigerators or cold rooms.   The Querx WLAN sensors’ logging capabilities are emphasized, as they facilitate the compliance with HACCP documentation requirements in the food service sector. The […]

DAkkS Calibration Certificates for Querx Network Sensors

Having measurement devices checked in a laboratory accredited by the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) will assure you that the calibration was conducted in compliance with all current norms and laws and on a level that is internationally comparable. The temperature of a calibration object is measured by the device that is to be calibrated and […]

Temperature Sensors for Querx PT

Querx PT ships with a test sensor. This lets you use the device right out of the box by connecting it to an Ethernet network and a power supply. However, this sensor is really just a simple test sensor with a 100 mm PVC cable but no protective sleeve. While it returns reliable measurements, it […]

The Sporadic Glitch

A day in the hard life of a firmware developer 😉 It can occasionally happen that a manufacturer does not test their products carefully enough in all variations, leaving it to the customer to find remaining bugs. This is the banana-principle: The product ripens with the consumer. This is, of course, annoying for the customer, […]

Querx monitoring plugin available for Nagios, Icinga2 etc.

With check_querx, you can easily include Querx into nagios-based monitoring software solutions. For Linux (32/64 bit) the binary can be downloaded from  [download]. For other platforms the plugin can be compiled with Googles go (golang). Sourcen can be downloaded from Github. A tutorial for configuring Icinga2 is currently only available in German.

Querx firmware 3.2.10

A new firmware images is available for downloading Bug fixes in Version 3.2.10 An error was removed from the SNMP MIB. The senosor table can now be imported by Paessler MIB importer. Sporadic Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor errors were ocassionally registered to late, which sometimes resulted in wrong values Failures were possible on writing the […]

Querx firmware 3.2.8

A new firmware version is available for all Querx network sensors. Changes in version 3.2.8 The email system now supports not only AUTH-PLAIN, but also the older AUTH-LOGIN authentication. Especially Microsoft exchange server need this method. The Ethernet communication of Querx PT and TH was improved The transmission of historical data was improved Sporadically occurring sensor […]